Racebox chat in Telegram

29 июня 2022 г.

Hello comrades! Welcome to our chat in Telegram. We will be happy to answer your questions about Racebox devices, discuss new features and old bugs.

We are here:

Racebox Pro+ with battery is on stock!

18 июня 2022 г.

Racebox Pro+ with bult-in LiPol 1200mAh battery in now available. It provides up to 10 hours of battery life. Seems that now it can be paid and delivered only within Russia, so, this post is just for info...

* picture is just for joke, it's quite tiny in fact)

Bug detected!

20 июня 2021 г.

Forgive us! We messed up a bit in the previous software release - 3.35. The bug is expressed in that the mobile application cannot receive data from the device when it is turned on again. This issue has been fixed in version 3.36. You can also restore data transfer by re-enabling data transfer via BLE in the device settings (OPTIONS - BLE -> APP), although you have to do this every time you need to connect a mobile application. Therefore, it is better to upgrade!

New reports with nice chart!

28 декабря 2020 г.

New firmware ver. 3.31 was just released! In this version we significantly rebuilt our report formats, make it pretty and the most importang thing - we introduced charts plotting function for acceleration and brake path reports. Now you can see detailed information about your measurements, based on 16Hz logs data. Also now you can choose which map data provider is used for the reports: Yandex (great for Russia and some other countries) or Google Maps. Check how it looks by the link on photo.

>>> New firmware is here <<<

In-house production of GNSS-modules

12 декабря 2020 г.

Good news again! Now all Racebox devices are equipping with our own GNSS-modules, designed and produced here in Russia. Modules are based on uBlox MAX-M8 chipset from Swiss. It has around 2 times incresed patch antenna area, which improves reception quality and reduces "cold" start duration. To be honest, we have no any cost benefits from it (probably it has opposite effect:), but RF reception quality is our main goal here!

Laptimer predictive mode is ready!

7 ноября 2020 г.

New lap timer predictive mode is now available in the latest firmware version (3.30). In this mode you can see real time difference with the best lap time!⏱ How it works - check out on the video by the link on photo.

New look!

9 мая 2020 г.

We have quite significant update of device case style. Now it is a bit less streightforward😊

And also now we offer a new black front panel - for most serious customers😎

You can check new design in the gallery inside.

RaceBuddy for iOS support

30 ноября 2019 г.

Hello, comrades! Good news – we got new supported app for iOS – RaceBuddy. The app allows to measure many acceleration parameters and record video with telemetry overlap. Now only iOS version available, and Android is under development. You can see the examples of RaceBuddy on videos below:

External GNSS-module

24 сентября 2019 г.

Hello! Now we have an external GNSS-module for Racebox devices available. It can improve satellite signal strength and allows to get maximum accurate results even in tough urban conditions. It also must-have thing for vehicles with athermal windshields.

Racebox Pro available

29 апреля 2019 г.

Hello! Below are details about new Racebox Pro version. Gererally we have all the same: housing, LED-display, one button and 16Hz GNSS-receiver. So what is new:

  1. We changed power socket from MicroUSB to USB Type-C. Now it is much more reliable and handy.

  2. Finally we implement Bluetooth (BLE) support. This allows us to add new awesome features:

  • 3rd parties mobile apps support. We got an agreement with main autosport apps developers to get Racebox support in their apps. Here is the apps: Harry's Laptimer, RaceChrono, TrackAddict and Speed Logic. TrackAddict already released new version with Racebox support and others are expected to release it soon. Now professional autosport became a bit closer!

  • Vehicle OBD data support. Now you can log not only GPS-data but also vehicle telemetry from OBD-protocol: engine spees, throttle position, coolant temepature, etc. Now only one type of OBD-adapters supported - Viecar - it is widely available at AliExpress:) Later other adapters support will be implemented. OBD connection also allow us to add gear shift time measurement function for acceleration runs and VIN reading feature for reports. 

Significant firmware update

30 октября 2018 г.

Hello! We just released the new firmware version (2.21) for Lite and SD versions with many improvements and new features:

  • New history mode. Now you can choose required measured parameter to show by the button and not wait while it indicates automatically.

  • 16Hz GPS update rate added for devices with uBlox-M8030 modules. This type of GPS modules was installed on the majority of SD devices and some of Lite devices. Device will detect your type of GPS module automatically and set the highest possible GPS rate. Now all measurements will be more precise!

  • Acceleration measurement results now displayed with 2 decimal places accuracy.

  • SD version now can record a CSV file with all measurements history in one place. Now it is easier to track your skill improvements.

  • GPS NMEA data streaming to serial port for future Bluetooth connectivity support. This feature is under development. Detail manual for connection will be available later.

  • Settings mode optimized. We hide some parameters and change a sequence.

  • Other minor updates...)

New version cooming soon!

21 ноября 2017 г.

Hi averybody! Sorry, but all devices are sold out... Thanks to everyone who trusted and supported us. The feedbacks from our first customers showed that we didn't mistake with the chosen device concept and design. But we don't want to stay and we are announcing the enchanced version of Racebox with few significant updates:

  1. MicroSD cards support added. You can store the results of your measurements to the MicroSD card. Two types of logs available: full log and measurement report. The full log consists all race parameters and can be stored in CSV, GPX or VBO formats which can be used for further detail race analysis (i.e. with VBOX Circuit Tools software) or for video telemetry overlaping (Dashware, Racerender, etc.). The measurement report consists all measured results and a map with race location. Report is stored in HTML format. Here is an example of log files.

  2. Firmware update available through MicroUSB cable. There will be separate instruction sheet for firmware update.

New devices will be available in May. Please subscribe on our Instagram, Facebook, VK, etc.